Most Iconic Romances to Come Out of Hollywood

Modern RomanceHollywood has produced some of the most iconic and classic romances in the film history of the world.  These movies have been quite successful in building a lasting impression on their audience, due to a number of factors like depth of stories and characters, quality of acting and the on-screen chemistry between the impeccable actors and their strong personalities. Here we have compiled some of these iconic romances for you along with their story in brief.

Roman holiday

‘Roman Holiday’, released in January 1953, follows the story of a disgruntled and fed up princess, played by Audrey Hepburn, as she escapes her guarding walls to explore Rome on her own. As she sleeps on a bench of Rome because of the sedatives given to her by her doctors to keep her frustration at bay, she is found by a reporter, played by the heartthrob of the day, Gregory Peck. Having left with no choice, he takes her to his apartment to let her sleep comfortably, where the next day he finds out about the reality that she is actually a princess. The two explore the city together, developing a love interest along the way, only to have it put down by the inevitable reality.


Casablanca, released in 1942, is the story of two men, Rick Blaine who owns a nightclub in Casablanca and Victor Laszlo who is a resistance leader belonging to Czechoslovakia. Set in the time of the World War II, it follows their story as Blaine finds his long lost love in the wife of Victor (Ilsa) while Victor seeks Rick’s support in fleeing the country to save himself from the Germans. Their love is shown to be caught between the complications and the realities of the time. The movie starred Humphrey Bogart (Rick Blaine) and Ingrid Bergman (Ilsa) in the lead roles.

Gone With the Wind

With the civil war in the backdrop of this iconic novel based movie, Gone with the Wind tells the story of a hot headed girl Scarlet O’Hara, who is brought up in a sufficiently decent and peaceful lifestyle. Having given the context of the gravely affected South because of the War, Scarlet’s life is the story of a love torn between two men, Ashley Wilkes and Rhett Butler, woven together by her survival in the face of tragedy and destruction right in front of her eyes. The movie starred Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable in the lead roles.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Starring the vintage diva Audrey Hepburn in the lead role, Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the story of a high end escort (Holly Golightly played by Hepburn) looking forward to marrying an older and richer man and a young writer (Paul Varjak played by George Peppard) being monetarily supported by a much older wife. The paths of the two cross when the latter moves into the apartment building where the former already lives. What follows is a gripping tale of how the two develop a love interests inadvertently, even in the face of conflicting life goals. The movie released in 1961.


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Five Old Movies Your Children Will Love

There is an abundance of movies that children love, but here are some favorites. If you want to spend quality time with your kids, you must not miss watching out thesemovies with your children.


Talking about the movies for the children, how can we forget Pollyanna? Pollyanna is one of the most lovable child characters from the Hollywood movies. She is an orphan who is sent to live with her wealthy aunt namely Poly. Having a positive approach towards life, she brings the entire town together. The movie is so tender that it will be loved by people of all ages and especially children.

The Land Before Time

Though the movie is a bit old, it is surely going to win your children’s hearts. The movie shows baby dinosaurs facing friendship trouble, yet coordinating with each other at their fullest. It may seem like Barney to those who have watched it, but it conquests audiences of all ages. The loveable characters and mysterious storyline together will make an interesting combo. The movie is a duo of an emotional and interesting story.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

This movie is all about Gene Wilder. The Johnny Depp’s version cannot even match its excellence. In fact, keep your children away from that version and show them Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, instead. Your children will get to see themselves in their imagination. Viewing paradise in the movie, your children will be lost in an exciting world of their own. This movie from the 1970’s will definitely make your children watch it again and again.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Next comes in the list is the movie, Mrs. Doubtfire. This masterpiece is from the 1990s. This lively woman in the movie does everything on her own. From household chores to looking after work, from preparing children for school to reading bedtime stories, Mrs. Doubtfire is truly an all rounder and a blessing. Children will get to see the real picture about life of divorced parents conveying parent’s unconditional love for them despite getting love at different times from both parents.


Explore the adventurous and magical world of Matilda with your children that they will definitely love to visit and see. Coming from the 1990s, Matilda has the powers of doing actual magic. She gives a message that with just a little bit of effort, you can do anything in the world. In her case, she does magic. It can help children learn to stand firm for and with friends who have always been there for them at times of need.  Also, they should stand up for what is right and give up things that are wrong.

Now that you know the five famous old movies, you can spend quality time with your children!    

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Historical Movies You Must Watch

The ones whose interest in history is in its novice stage often find themselves confused as to where to start, what to read and what to watch; history is so vast and immense after all. Historical movies, as such, offer not only a great starting point but also a very real and absorbing insight into the world-changing events of the past in all their essence brought to life on screen. Countless movies have been based on a number of different defining periods whether it is the American civil War, the Abolishment of Slavery or the World Wars to name a few.

Some of these movies stand out in the kind of impact they have been able to make. Include the following in your list;


This five hour Elizabeth Taylor starrer, made in 1963, is a detailed look into the history of the Egyptian Empire set in the 48 BC. Known as one of the most expensive films ever made, it follows the struggles of the young Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt as she attempts to save the Egyptian empire and throne from crumbling by Manipulating Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, but failingly so. What’s more interesting is that it is a love triangle between Cleopatra, Caesar and Antony set in the midst of a strong power struggle

Schindler’s List

This movie is based on the real life efforts of Oskar Schindler, as he saved hundreds of Jews from the unspeakable brutality of the Nazi regime as they put Jews into concentration camps, left to die in scores. It was specifically centered at the Auschwitz Camp, one of the most horrifying concentration camps, and chronicles the efforts of Schindler as a humanitarian who turned his own factory into a safe refuge for some 1100 Jews. What makes this real story all the more surprising is the fact that Oskar Schindler was otherwise quite greedy as a businessman; so it happened to be an unlikely turn of heart.

Brave Heart

What started off as a revenge of a personal catastrophe is soon turned into a long lasting struggle in this Mel Gibson Starrer released in 1995. William Wallace, played by Mel Gibson, mobilizes the Scottish people to struggle and rally against the English Monarch, King Edward I, after he executed Wallace’s wife because she defended herself from being raped by an English soldier by assaulting him.  By the force of his inspirational and fiery words, the group of novice warriors turns into undefeatable army.

All Quiet on the Western Front

A group of young German boys are brainwashed into enlisting themselves to fight in the World War I by their xenophobic school teacher. The film, released in 1930 originally, chronicles how they witness the reality of war and the sheer tragedy and disrespect for basic human rights that’s observed during wartime. This adaptation of the novel by German author Erich Remarque shows how the after effects and trials of war never leave the minds of the soldiers as they consistently experience disillusionment afterwards.


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Shakespearean Movie Adaptations to Add To Your Watch List

Reading Shakespeare is no easy task in all honesty; it requires a special kind of patience and consistency which is not everyone’s forte. This is when movies and classic movie adaptations come to our rescue. Just because you don’t have that kind of persistence to read Shakespeare in the purest and unabridged form should definitely not leave you deprived of the beauty of his stories and their sheer relevance in every society and every era.

If your watch list needs refilling, we would suggest the following movie adaptations of the epic Shakespearean plays:

Much Ado about Nothing (1993)

In this modern adaptation of the classic Much Ado about Nothing, the female protagonist named Hero, played by Kate Beckinsale, along with her fiancé Claudio, played by Robert Leonard, form a matchmaking alliance with the former’s boss named Don Pedro. Their purpose for doing this is to bring two of their friends; Benedick and Beatrice, played by Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson respectively, closer to each other develop a love interest. The only catch is that these two not only hate the idea of love but each other as well. Adding to the difficulty are the not so pure intentions of the antagonist Don John, shown in Keanu Reeves, as he is up to destroying their matchmaking plan by worsening the already sour relationship between the two.

West Side Story (1961)

This is a musical adaptation of the Romeo and Juliet epic, brought into the street setting of New York. The Upper West Side of New York, notorious for prevalence of street gangs, is shown in the musical with Romeo and Juliet having been inadvertently caught in the midst of a fight between two opposing gangs. Situation complicates when one gang member starts to harbor love interest for the sister of one of the opposite gang members.

The Tempest (2010)

When the members of a royal court are left stranded on an island due to a shipwreck, they learn that the shipwreck was a natural occurance. It was rather engineered by a sorceress called Prospera, played by Helen Mirren, who cast a spell on the royal court members as a revenge for banishing her. She takes help from her helpers Caliban and Ariel who are often internally unwilling to work for her. But what she couldn’t control is the even stronger spell cast by love, that too on her daughter and the son of the King of royal court. She is left helpless as she witnesses their love bloom.

Throne of Blood (1957)

Shakespeare’s Macbeth has been transcended into the setting of feudalistic traditions of Japan in this gripping tale centered at two Samurai Warriors, namely Washizu and Miki, played by Toshiro Mifune and Minoru Chiaki respectively. As the warriors return to the castle of their king, a spirit does two disturbing prophecies about their future which leaves them both dazed. As the first prophecy starts showing the signs of truth, the evil and scheming wife of Washizu pushes her husband to fast forward the prophecy by murdering the king and taking control of the throne.

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Hail, Caesar

Directed and produced by the award winning duo Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, Hail Caesar is a hybrid of comedy and drama genres and follows the American film Industry around the 1950s from the perspective of Eddie Mannix, a ‘fixer’ of the industry or in more professional terms, the Head of Property Protection at the Capitol Picture Studios.

Hail Caesar MovieAll in a day’s work is what embodies this film as the story is set in a single, super hyper and eventful day. Eddie Mannix, played by Josh Brolin’s professional life is quite eventful as it is from keeping high profile stars away from the cruel scrutiny of the media to maintaining their public image. But this day is unlike any other as uncalled for events keep happening one after the other.

Since the movie is made from the perspective of Mannix himself, it provides a real time look into the industry and its internal dynamics back in the day. Eddie Mannix is finding himself in a fix from multiple fronts. First, one of the top actresses of the day DeAnna Moran who is single, played by Scarlett Johansson, reveals to Mannix that she is pregnant. Second, the director of a comedy studio, Laurentz Laurence is pressurizing Mannix to cast Hobie Doyle in a signature role of a sophisticate, which goes completely opposite to his actual style which is that of a country cowboy. On top of that, the two gossip columnist siblings, Thora Thacker and Thelesy Thacker, are constantly and rather dangerously nagging him for scoops and gripping gossips about the industry that he so painstakingly protects.

But what takes the cake is the abduction of one of the top actors of the studio Baird Whitlock, played by George Clooney. Later Mannix learns that Baird has been kidnapped by a rather harmless group calling themselves Voices of the Future, demanding $100,000 ransom. As it is later revealed that it is a group of motion picture writers, who happen to be all communists, rather convincingly attracting Baird Whitlock to become part of their hidden cause.  

From suggesting the pregnant star to give the baby in foster care and later adopt him, to keeping the gossip columnists at bay who are threatening to dig up a false scandal about Baird if they’re not given something soon to write on, to releasing the lead actor of the production from the abductors; it is a hard juggling act that Eddie Mannix has to put up to get everything resolved.

In the midst of it all, one solution that he seriously considers is to separate himself from all of it by accepting a management job offer by Lockheed Corporation. In the face of the increasingly frustrating day, Mannix is shown to handle the entire craze his life in caught inside.

The film has been very smartly given a historical context in how it is set in a transitioning period for the American film industry. It was a time when the studio system was gradually collapsing, and the advent of television was right around the corner threatening to take away a major chunk of the film audience. In response, movies based on epics with highly choreographed sequences and dramatic elements were started being made. Hail Caesar stands right in the middle of it all.  


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Free State of Jones

Starring Matthew McConaughey as Newton Knight, the iconic Civil War rebellion leader from Jones County Mississippi, Free State of Jones weaves a gripping tale held together with both real time events as well as equally interesting fictional additions. The film also stars Gugu Mbatha Raw, Keri Russell and Mahershala Ali in major roles of the war time, with screenplay and direction of Gary Ross.  

Through the story of Newton Knight, an underprivileged farmer and former medic in the Confederate Army having left it eventually, the film sheds light on the hard and long struggle slaves and blacks had to endure to get themselves out of the shackles of slavery and into the mainstream. A number of incidents eventually led Knight to kick off an armed battle to free his hometown, Jones County, all in the midst of the Civil War itself. These incidents, though fictional, very pertinently bring the real time struggle at the forefront.

After returning to his farms from the Confederate Army, Newton Knight becomes acquainted to a slave woman who somehow secretly managed to learn reading. From making acquaintance with slaves to gradually increasing his efforts by helping them escape, save their farms and resist raids from the confederate army, everything that Knight does points towards the increasing possibility of him leading an armed struggle fueled by his growing hatred for the confederacy that intended to keep slavery alive and kicking.

One notable incident like this in the film is how he is bitten by the slave catching dogs of the confederate army for helping a family resist their farms from being snatched away and stolen. For immediate tending of the bite wounds, he is taken to a swamp where a number of other slaves are hiding and are being led by Moses Washington. It is here that the story takes the real turn when the confederate army, finding out about the hiding swamps, starts to attack. Organizing and mobilizing the rest of the slaves in the hiding, he forms an armed private army to fight off the attackers and save their land. They do manage to secure a large chunk of the land and later name it ‘Free State of Jones’.

What sets this film apart is the strong taste of reality. Instead of depicting a far from real ‘happily ever after’ ending, the film shows a continuation of Knight’s struggle as he keeps fighting racial inequality still largely prevalent and helps a number of slaves witness the light of freedom, including the son of Moses Washington.

The film is brave in its attempt to touch upon a sensitive aspect of the American history and its blunt treatment. Throughout the film, the viewer is made to witness both the highs and lows of Knight’s struggle. Having been held together by the strong force of faith, the struggle sees the light of day in how Knight is able to free a major slice of his land but also witnessed its fair share of challenges in how inter marriages between whites and blacks were still a farfetched dream, causing a lot of trouble to inter racial couples wanting to marry. It would be fitting to say that the movie depicts the seed of hope that Newton Knight’s struggle implanted.


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The Shallows – A Survival Thriller That Excelled At the Box Office

Are you a survival thriller fanatic? If yes, then Jaume Collet-Serra has churned out yet another intriguing thriller film, ‘The Shallows,’ starring ‘Blake Lively’ as the one woman army of the film. Anthony Jaswinski has scripted the film and it is clear that he has perfectly managed to write a screenplay that can keep the audience glued to their seats. Who would want to leave a beautiful girl alone on a stranded shore just to battle the odds? No one, we guess. Survival films usually have that captivating factor, don’t they? Viewers just can’t leave the film midway until they don’t find out, if the protagonist finally survived or not.

The Shallows’ revolves around a medical student ‘Nancy Adams’ played by Blake Lively as she embarks on a journey to a secret beach in Mexico, to find solace after her mother’s death. Nancy finds out her mother’s pictures of the time when she visited the same secret beach, when she was pregnant with Nancy. Just as Nancy reaches the beach, she joins two locals and sets on her surfing spree. Nancy returns from her first surfing session to check in with her father and little sister, but the conversation ends up being an emotional one. Nancy then head towards the beach again to catch the afternoon wave before going back to the hotel, unknown to the terror approaching towards her! Just when viewers will anticipate that everything is going smooth in the film, they will soon find Nancy trapped in a much horrifying situation with a large shark longing to grab its meal for the day – Nancy Adams!  

The Shallows is surely a visual treat for the audience with astounding vistas and clear blue water until it turns red after the first attack by the mighty man-eater! The film has moments when it almost turns into a blend of horror and mystery, but it is definitely a survival thriller portrayed at its best. For those who are assuming it to be similar to the films like Orphan or Deep Blue Sea, ‘The Shallows’ is rather closer to Gravity and 127 Hours. Although, Nancy is a medical school dropout but she must have learned something useful because that’s what helped her do some self-surgery on the shark bites. People may have anticipated this film to be no less than a young girl in a bikini fighting for her survival from the clutches of the shark. But this film offers much more than that!

The film reaches to an extent where audiences are most likely to assume that the survival drama won’t be ending on a happy note. But how could Collet-Serra break the viewers’ hearts? The climax of the film seems to be on the lines of the famous flick ‘Gravity’ but still The Shallows manages to make its own mark among the plethora of survival flicks in Hollywood. Blake Lively on the other hand has given quite a remarkable performance with excellent screen presence. She grabs immediate attention, not because of being the only human that viewers get to watch throughout the film, but because of her tremendous portrayal of a victim battling with the mighty creature just to see another day of her life!

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Five Romantic Movies Based on Books

A good script can make a movie with a simple storyline and turn out to be a mega success or an utter failure. That being said, sometimes, the case is completely reversed and an amazing storyline leads to the creation of a mesmerizing cinematic experience. This holds to be true for love stories in particular. A great many romantic works of fiction have been turned into movies that were absolute successes at the box office.

Let’s take a look at some of these films:

P.S. I Love You

Written by Cecelia Ahern, “P.S. I Love You” was a bestselling romantic novel based on a couple’s love story that continued even after one of them died. The book was left to our imagination but did we LOVE it again when Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank were introduced in a movie based on it? The depiction of Gerry and Holly by the two actors was just as much captivating as it was in the book.

The Fault in Our Stars

This teenage love story made many shed a tear or two not only while reading it but also while watching a movie based on the book by John Green. The sweet yet emotional love story evolving around a girl suffering from cancer and a boy who fought cancer but fell victim to it again, is a fantastic work of fiction as well as cinema.

The Notebook

Nicholas Sparks is known for his magic with love stories but this particular book was one of his best till date. It captured the love shared by Noah and Allie who live in a small countryside town. They face a lot of emotional ups and downs throughout the course of the story until the end when Allie falls victim to Alzheimer’s. The motion experience of the story that moved a lot of people while reading through pages was just as touching and captivating.

The Lucky One

“The Lucky One”, another of Nicholas Sparks’ mesmerizing work, was picturized with Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling in the lead. The story revolves around a marine who comes finding a girl whose picture he found during a war and believed that it was her lucky charm that protected him. This movie was very well created keeping the storyline in mind and was quite a success as well; not only because of Zac Efron.

The work of fiction has a power of its own that can enable a reader to open his or her imagination. But translating the same charisma and strength into a script for a movie is a challenging task. Until and unless the story is strong and the person writing the script, which in most cases is the writer himself, the final product cannot be as much captivating. These movies have stood the test in this regard.

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Alice through the Looking Glass


Alice through the Looking Glass is the sequel to the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland and also loosely draws inspiration from Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. The film starts off with Alice Kingsleigh, played by Mia Wasikowska, sailing the seas on her father’s ship called The Wonder, along with the crew members.  As pirates attack and winds grow wilder, Alice steers the ship towards safety.

Fast forward three years and Alice reaches London, only to find that her ex-fiancé, in revenge of his earlier rejection, has usurped a major portion of the property of Alice’s family including her mother’s house, father’s company and her own share of it. As the situation escalates and she gets into an argument with her mother over the solution to the problem, she retreats into her room where Absolem who is now a blue butterfly leads Alice through a mirror, back into the Wonderland, or Underland.  Here, she again finds herself to have grown tiny in the middle of a huge room.

As she walks further in, she comes across all the characters from the previous installment including Mirana the White Queen, The white Rabbit, the Cheshire cat, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum and others. They’re in the middle of an expected tea party like before. They all inform Alice of the deplorable condition that the mad hatter has gone into following the disappearance of his family, the Hightopp Family, when the Jabberwocky attacked them on Horunvendush Day. They all believed that Alice could help him.

As Alice visits the Mad Hatter, he regains some of his spirit as he sees her and tells her that he recently came across a blue feather cap, made by himself as a child. This has made him hopeful about his family being alive. He requests Alice to help him find him, to which she first refuses, but seeing him sink back to his bad condition, aims to help him.  

As suggested by the White Queen, she goes to the time and requests him to lend her the chronosphere which will help her travel into the past and change things for the better, so the Hightopp family can be brought back, to which time refuses saying that past cannot be changed. As Time gets busy with his supposed girlfriend, Iracebeth the Red Queen, Alice grabs the chronosphere and runs away.

In an attempt to find the Horunvendush Day, she makes two landings into the past much earlier than the intended time. First is the Day Iracebeth was to be crowned the Queen. She witnesses her head being stuck in the crown and the crown being broken, followed by the Mad Hatter making a laugh of it along with others, infuriating Iracebeth as a result. This ends up in her mother declaring her unfit for the role of the Queen, crowning her sister, Mirana the White Queen, consequently.

What follows from here is a crazy and mind boggling tale of Alice travelling back and forth twice from the real world to the Wonderland, landing a second time into the past to learn about the history of sisters Iracebeth and Mirana, the reason behind Iracebeth swollen head, getting the time frozen because of past Iracebeth running into the present Time clock chasing after Alice since the start of her journey, discovering the presence of the Hightopp family in the ant farm of Iracebeth’s castle, getting the matters resolved between Iracebeth and Mirana, and finally, racing back to the present to set the chronosphere at its spot to avoid getting the wonderland permanently frozen.

Finally, after fixing everything and bidding good bye to everyone, she comes back to rest the real world matters in place, preparing to set on another sail with her mother this time.

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Mean Girls: The Bitter Truth about Our Society

The movie ‘Mean Girls’, has been a very huge hit at the box office and still scores a lot of attention and fandom due to its amazing story line. It is very relatable to all the junior and high schools in our society today. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it actually reveals some bitter truths about the social inequality we see every day that manifest from a very young age.

The movie discusses the prejudice in social groups, conformity and the discrimination practiced amongst them. Conformity can be loosely defined as submission to the norms set by a perceived higher authority. Prejudice is the existence of ill feelings towards a social group and any individual belonging to it. Discrimination is the treatment of people in an unjust manner solely based on ranking and categorization in groups to which they belong. The formation of ingroups and outgroups is also very common in our society, which can be experienced as early as from high school years.

The movie is based on high school students. It revolves around Cady, who enters high school for the first time after being homeschooled this long. She meets two other students Damian and Janis, and instantly becomes friends with them. They are considered to be out group. On the other hand, a very popular group of three girls is considered to be an in group. And everyone is eager to be with them. These three girls, known as ‘The Plastics’, are considered to be charismatic and important because of their social status and appearance which are strongly aligned with the normative standards of the society.

As the movie goes on, Cady begins to conform with their ‘rule’ and practices once she befriends them and starts spending time with them. This conformity is only outward as her true loyalty still lies with her first two friends, Damian and Janice.

The Plastics are also shown to have a journal which they call ‘The Burn Book’. This is their way of keeping a record of the people they deem as most lowly and unworthy at high school. Whoever makes it to this journal, is considered to be social outcast, and hence, heavily ridiculed. This reflects the feelings of prejudice among high school students.

Any other girl apart from one of the Plastics is thought to be un-cool and unimportant. They are not allowed to sit with The Plastics, a typical act of discrimination.

All these acts are not new to any real life high school student either. Many students are bullied and picked upon and ridiculed due to many reasons that the popular groups of students find funny or not up to their students. This often leads to many problems for both the types of groups in future. The popular students develop a personality that is self praising and self absorbed. While many people who are bullied in high school have low self esteems and face issues in social interaction for the rest of their life. And these habits or parts of personality are very hard to get over.

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